Still Standing Tall

Over the last two days, Minneapolis has been hit with two rough storms.  We were driving through the second of the two, and it was a pretty sobering affair.  Even on residential streets, the rain was coming down hard enough that there was almost no visibility. A power line blew and came down as we passed underneath it, and the final few blocks to our house we had to do elaborate switchbacks to avoid all the felled trees (many, unfortunately, that had landed on cars).  We got home to find the tree in our front yard uprooted—it was blown down and now residing on my front porch as a fairly intimidating ornamental plant.  Sizable branches from my neighbors’ trees lay like shrapnel everywhere… but one of them made me smile.  It had blown down from a big walnut tree next door, and juuuuuuuust missed my yard sign supporting the Musicians of the Minnesota Orchestra.

So, here’s my yard sign after it’s close brush with death:


I like to think the musicians will similarly weather the ongoing storm, and come out of it bruised but still standing tall.

And now, to find a chain saw.



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