Standing Together with One of Our Own

I’d like to interrupt my normal blogging to share something with you all. Emily Hogstad, the legendary blogger over at Song of the Lark, could use your help.

As she mentioned on her blog:

In late January, my mother was diagnosed with an aggressive cancer of unknown origin. I’ve left my home to care for her, and nowadays am living out of a cramped spare bedroom in rural Wisconsin. The future is a total question mark.

For those of you keeping track at home, in six months to the day, that’s the death of my grandfather, the death of my sweet Sheltie, and a cancer diagnosis for my mom. So either some very good news is just around the corner, or late last summer someone invested in a voodoo doll with my face on it.

This isn’t an adventure I’d have embarked on willingly. But then again, neither was the Minnesota Orchestra lockout, and in the end, that nightmare turned into something profound and indeed even sacred. And it’s certainly no coincidence that the people who are keeping me afloat nowadays are the very same people I got to know during the lockout. A deep, deep thank you to those folks.

Okay. So. Send prayers and best wishes for peace and strength. I’ll be back, some way, somehow. Thankfully every circumstance is temporary. And I’ll still be checking in online, frequently. I just won’t be writing long-form entries as often as I’d like. Stay in touch using Twitter and Facebook. I’ve found I like to check those while traveling to hospitals and wasting time in waiting rooms.

Emily and her mom plan to fight with everything they have—and those of you who have read Emily’s blogs know that they’re fighting powers are considerable! But she could use some help.

A mutual friend Elizabeth Erickson has created a GoFundMe page to raise money to cover their medical bills, travel, and lodging as Emily’s mom undergoes treatment at home and at the Mayo Clinic.

Emily has done so, so much for the Minnesota Orchestra, for our community, and arts organizations across the country. I’d like to give something back, in acknowledgement of all she’s done.

And I’d like you to join me, if you can.

Please follow this link to her page and make a donation today.

Over the last few years we in the arts community have been reminded again and again that we’re stronger when we stand together. And…well, it’s time to stand together again for one of our own.

Thank you—I greatly appreciate it.



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