Remembering Memorial Day

Today is one of the most important American holidays: Memorial Day. Informally, it serves as the first day of summer, but it is much, much more than “National Grill Out Day.” It is a time for reflection, a time to remember those who have given their lives in service to our great country. Continue reading


Arts and Sports

In a move that I think surprised us all, the NFL has announced that Minneapolis will host the 2018 Super Bowl. This is surprising because… well, we all know what January can be like in Minneapolis, right? I think even the Stark Family of Winterfell would be taken aback by how cold it gets here.

Winter is coming, indeed. Continue reading

Mendelssohn, Wagner, and the Coming of Spring

What an enjoyable concert at Orchestra Hall this weekend! While the Orchestra is still recovering from the disastrous lockout, the process of healing is clearly well underway.  And a performance such as this makes me excited to see what happens next.

So let me tell you what you missed, if you were weren’t there in person. Continue reading

Carmina Burana: Songs to Welcome the Spring

[Note: full text and translation of Carmina Burana are attached at the end of this article.]

Carmina Burana is one of the world’s most popular works of classical music, and has been used in everything from commercials and campaign ads to movie trailers and football commentary. In fact its popularity has frequently raised the hackles of classical music aficionados, who often look down on it as being an adolescent work—a primal scream with no depth or real interest.

They’re wrong. Continue reading